First, an apology to the modest readership of my blog, I’ve been fairly busy.

  • My partner had her dentistry finals (and is now a dentist),
  • We had a tenant change in our currently-rented-out house which took some effort and time;
  • We moved house… and country… It’s been emotional. A heck of a year, I might go so far as to say.

Alongside that, my work has me neck-deep in Terraform migrating AWS and EKS stuff. That’s a different post altogether though. The result is that I’ve had precious little time to put into personal projects, which sadly includes this. Luckily I’m/we’re also expecting my 2.0 to arrive early next year, so I’ll definitely have time for that… Right? Right?

Anyway, I digress.

I’m going to cut 5 potential posts into a single sentence and say that you’ll have an easier time not running postgres in Kubernetes, if you’re using Longhorn as your storage backend. Yes, some Bothans data died to bring you this information.

We’ll be back after this message from our sponsors.