My favourite time of the year.

I remember maybe three years ago, in my most-recently previous job as a SysAdmin, I was working a long quiet solo shift on New Years’ Eve, headphones on, food at hand, drink at the other, 4 screens all full of what felt like meaningless ramblings about Powershell.

Sadly I’d written most of it, but that’s by the by. I actually found a solution to the probleme du jour in the encompassing world of the Microsoft Scripting Guy’s blog, Ed Wilson. It wasn’t even a recent post, and as it happens he’d probably retired before this point.

I ended up emailing and thanking him for the solution, as it felt suspiciously like I was ending 20-something-teen (either 2018 or 2019, it’s lost to the sands of time) on a high note. It turns out that was very much a false alarm and I proceeded to have a rough couple of years - but then didn’t everyone.

Luckily I have since found what appears to be a unicorn job, in that I’m enjoying >95% of it (as opposed to <5%) and they’ve hit all the right notes - flexible working, supportive environment, personal development, the right ratio of carrot to stick (as far as I’m concerned this is largely 1:0) and so on - and that comes with the ability to take 2 weeks off for Christmas. I’ve not had a break this long since I started working, so it’s greatly appreciated.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas; safe travels, good food, excellent company. Come back in a couple of weeks and I’ll soft-launch the next feature I’ve not thought about enough and should really be holding onto.