It’s hard to believe it’s only been 4 days since I last posted and quite a few bits have changed. I have my privacy policy up finally, as well as my stats page.

I’ve done a chunk of learning about Hugo and SSGs, but there’s also actual issues. Frustratingly there’s an issue with proxy-protocol and my current deployment stack (metal-lb) which means I don’t get access to requester IP addresses and therefore the Geo-IP collection doesn’t work.

Never mind, it’s great for now - I was reminiscing earlier about how, back in The Day, it was all the rage to embed a little hit-counter on our (frankly awful) websites, written on MS Frontpage and hosted by the .tk registrar, Tokelau. I wonder if they’re still hosting…

Final change for today was moving to the new website name; it’s cleaner this way, and that makes me happy. Some things down, many things to go!